Senior School (Year 10 - 12)

In Senior School we provide a dynamic ‘real life’ learning community to support each student’s quest for personal excellence. 

Faith graduates step out into the world with a global perspective that encourages students to push the boundaries of their comfort zone, use their talents and skills, and recognise their role as valuable and active global citizens. We call this world ready.

With over 40 subjects available to students in Senior School, we provide choice and opportunities for students to consider and pursue a diverse range of pathways. 

Students commence working towards their SACE (South Australian Certificate of Education) in Year 10. 

From Year 11, extensive Vocational Education and Training (VET) opportunities become available and allows students to further extend and explore career aspirations. 

Graduates from Faith may leave their secondary schooling having achieved a Certificate III (or higher) in their chosen field, as well as their SACE. This sets students up for success whether they seek to pursue further studies or step into the working world.

For further information about the diverse range of subjects on offer at our Middle & Senior School, please download the Curriculum Handbook.

The Finish Line

Ready. Set. Go!

As students approach the ‘finish line’ of their secondary education, we acknowledge that the next step can be challenging. 

What comes after school? University? Work? Study? Travel? Moving out of home? Renting? Paying bills? Buying a car?

At Faith, its not just about preparing for final exams and assessments. We believe it is much more than that. Each week time is dedicated in the timetable for ‘The Finish Line’ (TFL). 

TFL includes a series of workshops and guest presenters who impart knowledge and advice to our students as they prepare for the world beyond school. 

Whether this is how to change oil or a tyre on a car, or how to embrace the rental market, open a bank account, or manage stress, students learn a wide range of practical skills and cover topics that prepare them for opportunities and challenges as they leave Faith ready for the world. 

What is SACE?

When students reach Senior School in Year 10 at Faith, we have a dedicated team of staff to support students as they work towards their SACE (South Australian Certificate of Education) and life beyond school.

Our aim is to make this transition as smooth, familiar and comfortable as possible. 

Advice and information is readily available from our Pathways Coordinator, SACE Coordinator, subject teachers and Village Care Group teachers to help students in their decision making process. 

Of course, family is very important to include in these conversations!

Below are some quick reference videos to help students and their families navigate their Senior School journey.

SACE: What is SACE?

Welcome to SACE for Parents

External Marking – how does SACE ensure a fair marking process?

What is VET?

In Senior School students have the opportunity to undertake Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses and School Based Apprentices and Traineeships (SBAT) which will contribute to student’s SACE qualification. 

The Curriculum Handbook includes valuable information about what certificates are available at Faith. 

Our Pathways team are available to help each student in their learning journey, whether that includes one of many VET opportunities, or the dynamic balance of undertaking a School Based Apprenticeship or Traineeship whilst completing SACE.

We encourage you to view the video below and discover what we mean by World Ready, and how we prepare students for the significant step to the world beyond the School gates.

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