Clubs and Activities

Clubs and Activities

Lunchtimes are a hive of activity at Faith. 

On a daily basis, you will often find one of our extra-curricular groups meeting, practicing or planning. 

Sing and Perform!

From Junior Rock Band to Senior Choir, there are a number of music opportunities for students to pursue outside of the classroom. 

As students develop their skills and abilities, the stage lights up and welcomes students to perform at the College and in the community for a wide variety of events and occasions. 

Our team of passionate music professionals work closely with students to develop their performance skills, guiding and inspiring them to take up opportunities and ultimately refine their talent in readiness to perform in front of large audiences on the main stage.

Play Sport!

Whether it is borrowing sports equipment at lunchtime and coordinating your own team or signing up for one of the many Middle and Senior School sporting groups, break times can be action-packed at Faith. 

Students in the Junior School have opportunity to join in the SAPSASA competitions, representing our College and competing against other schools from near and far. 

Inter-school competitions continue through Middle and Senior School, with teams including soccer, netball, football, basketball, cricket, hockey, cross country and squash. 

Each year there is a long list of sporting opportunities, and students are always welcome to add their ideas and suggestions to consider new groups to form.

Pedal (Prix)!

With three Pedal Prix vehicles, each year interested students from Year 6 to Year 12 are encouraged to sign up and put their pedal power to the test! 

Regular competitions in the HPV (Human Powered Vehicle) races occur across the State as students work with staff to shape, design and maintain Faith’s fleet in preparation for each meet. 


Critical and creative thinking, communication and teamwork are all important features of our debating groups. 

Students in our Middle and Senior School have the opportunity to join a team and work with passionate staff to develop their skills and actively participate in debating competitions with other schools.  


Our Maker Space provides the perfect environment for students to explore and discover new things. 

From robotics to modern technology, virtual reality, LEGO and drones, there are regularly new skills and devices to challenge minds and spark new interests.


Our library and resource centre is regularly open for students. Whether it is playing board games or quiet reading in the Junior School, or study at the Middle and Senior School, the library provides a quiet and welcoming space to connect with literature and recharge.

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