Spotlight - Mulberry Room Playgroup

Spotlight Wednesday, 09 Nov 2022







Step into our Mulberry Room on a Thursday morning, and witness the quiet, the creative, the active and the dramatic play of the youngest members of our community.

It’s here the building blocks of learning are introduced, not through lessons or scripts, but through connections that form with our Educators and the children’s classmates. From a wobbly first step to a new letter recognised, a fast-paced crawl, or an energetic roll, children are welcomed at all ages and stages with their parents and caregivers to experience Faith’s Early Learning Centre.

More than just pleasing aesthetics, many intentions sit softly behind the scenes. Warm lighting, well-considered play experiences and soft music all add to the environment that has been designed with our youngest learners in mind.

Research shows that a sense of belonging, and comfort blossoms from intentional experiences and open-ended play. With this at the forefront of our program, equally important attributes develop in our young inquisitive learners such as

  • developing social skills is reflected in the happy chatter of toddlers sharing an interest in a toy, a book or a doll with a new friend. Negotiating with others while enjoying the play area and activities available.
  • building emotional confidence to explore in a safe and comfortable environment. A space where children can start to play independently or be guided by a trusted adult.
  • encouraging physical activity by balancing on beams, rolling on large active balls, or climbing on frames, little bodies extend their muscles and learn to take measured risks.
  • exploring imagination and creativity is this a stick… or a magic wand? Children learn to solve problems and develop skills that can easily be transferred to formal learning experiences in their future – communication, creativity, language, social skills and self-confidence.
  • learning through role-playing Making and baking in the toy kitchen, cooking on the toy barbeque, or being a dinosaur stomping through the jungle, fundamental cognitive skills are developed as children replicate and pretend in real-world settings.

And… the benefits of Playgroup extend beyond your child. As a parent or caregiver, our Playgroup provides the perfect environment to…

… meet new people and make new friends

… share tips, ideas, concerns and experiences

… learn from other parents and caregivers

… develop connections with our people, our staff, our volunteers and other families in our community

… learn more about our ELC to Year 12 learning adventure

We believe Playgroup is an important stepping-stone for the young people in our community and we invite you to join us.

The Mulberry Room door is open to families of children from birth to age 4.

Thursdays during school term from  9.30am to 10.30am

Bring a fruit snack and a gold coin donation.

To find out more, or to receive our brief weekly email update, please contact us via: 

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